Saturday, January 5, 2013

reflecting on 2012


Dustin's brother returned home from his mission in Michigan. 

I found my inner craftiness and made our very own headboard! Terrible picture, but it will work. 


Exploring San Francisco


We met up with some of Dustin's family in Washington and explored Forks, Vancouver and Seattle.

 Biking the Golden Gate with some lovely visitor//Monterey & Carmel with my family


Sister-in-law, Alexa's high school graduation 

Brooke's wedding//Dustin went to Canada before he started his new job


Annual Shasta trip//More visitors!


Chelsea's baby shower and I got to see Beck again. Kitty and I love him//Dustin completed the Tough Mudder! 


Anniversary Hawaii trip with these kiddos. 


Thanksgiving in Nevada


Baby Dean is born and we celebrated Christmas in Minnesota! 

Isn't he just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?!


Matt & Chelsea said...

emily i obsessed with how with how gorgeous you are! a natural beauty! and what a great life you have! i love seeing all your pictures and seeing all your adventures!!

Jeffrey & Dara said...

that baby is so cute!! Also the headboard you made was amazzzing.. great work! So crafty. Looks like you had a fun year!

samchristensen said...

What a great year! I'm so glad we could be part of it. I need to put together the "best of 2012" for my blog too. That new baby is too precious!