Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yosemite National Park

Dustin was supposed to start work this past Monday, but his trainer had to do jury duty so they bumped his start date back a week. So we got to spend one more week together work-free. Which means we needed to do something and so we went to Yosemite! We both haven't been since we were kids so we decided it would be a good place to go. So, we packed up our new tent from my parents, grabbed some food and started to drive. 

These next pictures are just from the drive up as you enter into Yosemite and Yosemite Valley. This place is insanely beautiful. 

El Capitan - people rock climb this thing

We got there Thursday evening with enough time to set up our tent and make some foil dinners.

Friday morning we headed to Bridalveil Falls. You can practically walk up to the waterfall. As soon as you start on the trail you can feel the water from the fall and the closer you get the more wet you become! 

We then headed to go climb up to Yosemite Fall. This bad boy...

The scenery throughout the hike was incredible. 

 We made it! 

After the hike, we headed to the famous Ahwahnee Hotel. My dad said that we had to go see the massive fireplaces. They were pretty big! 

We explored the outside of the hotel and took a little pit stop...

Saturday we packed up and headed home. On the way we found this awesome view of the valley...

And we stopped at the giant sequoias. Not that impressive...

Ok...I'm totally joking! They are HUGE. 

Everyone should go to Yosemite! It is amazing how so many amazing things can be in one little area. It makes it so easy to see so many neat things. We didn't see very much of the park because a lot of it was still closed for the winter but we will definitely be making our way back sooner rather than later. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Doug and Bri Robinson

Saturday was my brother's wedding. It was such a great day. They both looked amazing and Bri's dress was gorgeous on her. We love Bri and are so excited to have her as an official part of our family. She makes my brother so happy. 

Doug gained two brothers with the marriage. 

Bri's dress was silk and had buttons going all the way down. Sexy! 

The flowers at the temple were perfect for the wedding...Pink! 

My mom is hott. Just saying...

The reception was at the community center at the Danville Library. As people entered there were two "wishing trees" that people could make wishes or predictions for the happy couple. 

As they left everyone rang these cute bells. 

My mom found this awesome antique couch and made cute pillows. It was fabulous. 

They had a ring ceremony that my uncle did. It was really nice for Bri's family to be able to witness. 

As usual, my mom is the best wedding planner ever. 

There were even games! 

The groom! My big brother. 

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Robinson!

Everything was perfect. I am so happy for them! Aren't they a hot couple?!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Graduation, Carribean/Bermuda Cruise, New York

In the past couple weeks we have graduated, packed, moved in to our new apartment in San Francisco, organized, and gone on a week cruise to some of the islands in the Caribbean and Bermuda! It has been a very busy and extremely fun time for us! Here are some pictures of graduation and the cruise. Soon I will be putting up pictures of our apartment (once I am satisfied with it). 

Dustin walked with my he was the only boy. What a good husband. 

Bree, Ethan, Judy and Brian came up to see us graduate! Dustin has the best family. 
My parents came out for graduation and then we threw Bri, Doug's fiancee a bridal shower. It was so fun! 
We did it!!! 
Caribbean Princess Cruise:
Day 2: St. Thomas

Our massive cruise ship. It was a maze. 

We went on sailing on a catamaran and then snorkeling with the sea turtles. 

 Day 3: Antigua

So we pull into the port, look out the window and find all these abandoned ships. Really welcoming...

Another abandoned ship
 We went swimming with the sting rays! It was really neat. They are like little puppies that come and rub up against you begging for food.

 Day 6: Bermuda

Bermuda was by far our favorite place to go. It was the prettiest, nicest and cleanest place. Everyone should go. If we lived on the east coast, Bermuda would be our Hawaii. 

We rented this scooter and rode around the island all day. 
Day 7: New York

Carnegie Deli sandwich. Absolutely ridiculous. I go there for the cheesecake.  It is the best cheesecake on this entire planet. I promise. 

Central Park! 
We met up with my friend, Kim that lives in NYC and she showed us this awesome burger and shake joint. It was fabulous!