Friday, August 31, 2012

a very interesting shasta vacation

every year my family goes up to lake shasta for a week. we rent houseboats and ski boats, tubes and banana boats. we camp, eat, float, suntan, sleep, roast mallows and just be lazy. it is my favorite time of year and my favorite place ever.

I'm sorry for this, but it's just too funny. 
 this year we went a little later than normal - the middle of august. and by golly it was HOT! all we did was get in and out of the lake. anyways, we arrive at our campsite and there people there! not just people minding their own business but people living there. growing marijuana and telling weird stories. not only were there the weed growers, but there were the houseboat ravers. these people didn't know who was who and were running around naked, had random passed out men floating down the river, fire dancers and strobe lights. they blasted their music 24/7. luckily they left after day 2.

all was fine with the weed growers until our last night. they must've known we were leaving the next day. one of the ladies from the camp came down to our fire in hysterics saying she needs to call 911 because she got beat up by her brother and boyfriend/husband/whoknows. her phone died and she was diabetic and didn't know if she had high or low blood sugar. erin came to 
the rescue and called 911 while my dad calmed the crazy lady down and talked her through her troubles. (she was very troubled). finally after an hour, the police and firemen showed up and took her away. told us that we shouldn't worry because if they wanted to do something worse, they could have and hurried on their way.

let's just say this year at shasta was very interesting.


Erin Robinson said...

Love the butt shot! Hilarious!

Hopefully we won't have to deal with the ravers or weeders again!

Katie said...

Oh, NorCal ... Always keeping it interesting!

A few years ago, we moved from Chico to the suburbs of Denver, CO. There are a lot of things I miss about CA, but I gotta say, whenever we go back for a visit, I'm always ready to come back the home we've made for ourselves in the Rocky Mountain state!