Monday, July 11, 2011

Shasta and Courtney's Wedding

Over the Fourth of July weekend/week my family had their annual Lake Shasta trip. We had four houseboats, five speedboats and about 78 people. It was an awesome time. I'm proud to say I did not get sunburned or get the infamous Shasta heat rash. Shasta treated me well this year. 

Then one of my best friends, Courtney got married on July 9. It was at the one room school in Danville. Absolutely beautiful. They are perfect for each other and I could not be happier for them. 

Congratulations!! We love you. 


Natalie said...

Love the Shasta pictures. Shasta is the best. And your friends wedding was adorable! So personalized, love all the little touches.

Rachel said...

Love & so exciting for PJ! :) They're a really cute couple! I love reading your blog, Em! You are lookin SOO dang good & freakin skinny!

Nicole said...

Shasta looked like so much fun & what a cute wedding!