Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Doug and Bri Robinson

Saturday was my brother's wedding. It was such a great day. They both looked amazing and Bri's dress was gorgeous on her. We love Bri and are so excited to have her as an official part of our family. She makes my brother so happy. 

Doug gained two brothers with the marriage. 

Bri's dress was silk and had buttons going all the way down. Sexy! 

The flowers at the temple were perfect for the wedding...Pink! 

My mom is hott. Just saying...

The reception was at the community center at the Danville Library. As people entered there were two "wishing trees" that people could make wishes or predictions for the happy couple. 

As they left everyone rang these cute bells. 

My mom found this awesome antique couch and made cute pillows. It was fabulous. 

They had a ring ceremony that my uncle did. It was really nice for Bri's family to be able to witness. 

As usual, my mom is the best wedding planner ever. 

There were even games! 

The groom! My big brother. 

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Robinson!

Everything was perfect. I am so happy for them! Aren't they a hot couple?!


Natalie said...

Everything was so beautiful! Your mom did a great job. Bri is so sweet too!

Erin Robinson said...

We seriously have the HOTTTEST mom ever!!! And she did such an incredible job!