Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dustin

Today is Dustin's 25th birthday. He's old... half way to 50! Since today is conference we did some fun birthday activities on Friday. We got all the friends together and went shooting (one of Dustin's favorites), went to Outback Steak House and saw the movie Source Code.

Dustin is awesome, spectacular, funny, hilarious, dorky, amazing, kind, sincere, goofy, sweet, romantic, humble, athletic, tall, dark and handsome, spiritual, tender, adventurous, buff and the best husband I could've asked for.

Happy Birthday Dustin! I love you.

I have to add these pictures because they are some of my favorites and Dustin loves his friends so much! 

 and from high school.... 



Natalie Parks said...

Just saw you had a blog from your comment on Erin's!

Congratulations on getting married! Your engagement pictures are beautiful. Hope you're enjoying married life ;-)

Happy birthday to Dustin too

Jason and Lindsey said...

Haha those pictures of Dustin are hilarious. Justin and Lindsey and Emily= Califriends4life.