Monday, March 7, 2011

Brigham Young University

We love BYU. Dustin is a crazed BYU fan when it comes to football and basketball. Especially this year in basketball. It has been such an exciting year for our basketball team. We have THE Jimmer Fredette. 

We are a little obsessed with him. I think Dustin has more of an obsession than I do. 

We have the best fans. Seriously, it is so amazing going to a basketball game, seeing the stadium completely packed and cheering on your Cougars. Even when we have a sad loss of a teammate our fans are so supportive. I can't imagine any other university with as much spirit and respect as BYU.

I'm sad to say this is our last semester here. I know Dustin is getting depressed about it. But I'm sure we'll be making some trips down the road to come and visit our favorite college. 

We have been so blessed to be able to be here. We have met our best friends. We met each other. We have learned so much and changed for the better. 

There are definitely weird things that happen... All the random clubs, the dorkiness, the awkward conversations overheard in the library, people running around the campus playing tag, guys trying to pick up on girls and failing miserably, looking for a ring on that left hand and turning your music up extremely loud so you can get out of the car and dance. So Zoobie. But...



Jeff and Lauren said...

I know what you mean. It was a lot harder to leave San Diego than I thought it would be. You don't realize that after living somewhere for 4 years it becomes your home. (especially because I still called Danville home). But you can look forward to going back to Provo and reliving your memories. It is the WEIRDEST feeling going back to San Diego just like it was the first few times I came home after college. But I know you guys are going to LOVE San Francisco and I am excited to see you more often!

Jason and Lindsey said...

Yay I love this post!! Mostly I love you and it will be so fun to live close together. I think my favorite part is all the strange things we see on campus.